Friday, December 29, 2017



Your sign-up fee guarantees: Two (2) free tickets to screening if you submit an entry.
One (1) free ticket to screening if you do not submit an entry.

 1. Required Character: Emily Silver

2. Required Character Actions: At some point she either eats soup or dances with someone. She shows off a phone pic, takes a phone pic, or is in a phone pic Optional: She may spit out chewing gum or stick it somewhere.

3. Choose a Required Prop: $20 bill, green burning candle, score card

4. Choose a Line of Dialogue:
 “That’s not very punk rock of you.”
 “You should go write your congressman about it.”
“-would rather beg forgiveness than ask permission.”

5. Required Technique: Entry must begin or end on a closeup of a single body part.

Duration: Maximum duration is 7.5 minutes. Shorter entries are welcome. (Do not stretch a 4-minute idea into 7.5 minutes. Let it be the length it should be.) 

Entries Due: By 4:59 PM Tuesday January 9 - You have ~11 days.

Submission: Your film must be submitted via google drive link,, or similar, with a link to download your submission. Submit to with the subject line MBFS SUBMISSION

Screening: Friday January 12 11:00PM

Titles & Credits: End credits should be no longer than 20 seconds. No post-credits sequences. The end credits must include: Made for Mobile Bay Film Scramble #20

Required Media Formats: Quicktime (MOV) or Mp4 file formats preferred. If your film does not conform to the format requirements or cannot be viewed on our equipment for whatever reason, it may be disqualified.

Notes: All creativity must take place between now and Tues Jan 9. Make sound levels relatively even throughout your film. If your film has uneven sound or sound that peaks, it may be modified to protect the playback equipment. All films received by the deadline will be screened, presuming they meet the eligibility requirements outlined above.

No Pre-Screening Distribution The Entrant should not distribute their entry/video in any way prior to it receiving its official Mobile Bay Film Scramble premiere screening. The Entrant is encouraged to make a trailer of their film and distribute that instead. This trailer should be no longer than 60 seconds.

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